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(outdated) How to update your 2017 modpack to 2018

Question  (This post was last modified: 02-05-2018, 02:42 AM by K. Martin.)

If you have bad internet connection, worry not! There are other ways to update your modpack that require downloading less (but you still need to download things).

1. Download the update HERE
2. Go to where ever you installed the 5MEU Modpack folder.
3. Enter the folder and replace everything that needs to be replaced.
4. Go to addons folder and delete all old achilles bisigns in addons (should end with something like 0.9.0c.bisign)
5. Remove the URF Winter Faction.pbo
6. Now go to Keys and delete the old 0.9.0c achilles bikey
7. Profit ???[Image: Capture.JPG][Image: Captur2e.JPG]

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