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PRE-BRIEF  Operation CHESTNUT Pre Mission Briefing

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::> Welcome, USER! (Security Level Clearance: One)

::> ACCESS FILE (Pre-Mission Briefing)

::> Accessing File: Pre-Mission Briefing

::> Success!

::> Loading file...

::> Done

Operation CHESTNUT
Gentleman, ladies we did a good job during Operation NEPTUNE. We managed to secure this beach head and a decent chunk of the island, however there’s still a lot of work to be done before to get rid of the URF problem.
Second Platoon reported the sounds of possible gun fire and explosions to the north of Fort Gert. Unfortunately, URF activity in the area prevented them from investigating. We are to push north of Fort Gert, investigate the area and eliminate any URF forces in the area. It is possible that the reported explosions have something to do with the Falcon found missing this morning so be prepared for some search and rescue.

Second Platoon has reported that several of their soldiers have been captured. We believe that the URF is holding their prisoners at their Comm Base located to the north west of FOB Bravo. Rescuing our soldiers is a top priority objective.
Our primary objective is to neutralize as many URF sites on the island as possible. What objectives are chosen is up to your platoon CO. The URF HVTs “General” Adrian Colton and Dr. Codman and the town they are located in are off limits. Two URF AA sites have been located. Our air assets will have to stay in the south-eastern parts of the island until those sites are eliminated.
It is advised that you prioritize securing the eastern part of the island and searching the URF comm base for our captured soldiers.
Here is our current operation map:
[Image: 20180120182910_1.jpg]
Here are some photos captured via drone:
URF Communications Base:
[Image: 20180120182306_1.jpg]
URF Air Factory:
[Image: 20180120182029_1.jpg]
URF AA Position Bravo:
[Image: 20180120182324_1.jpg]
URF AA Position Charlie:
[Image: 20180120182356_1.jpg]
URF Propaganda Station:
[Image: 20180120182445_1.jpg]
Suspected location of HVT "Devin Palton":
[Image: 20180120182055_1.jpg]
This HVT wears a green-striped polo, brown jeans with aviators, we managed to get a picture of him. We want him alive. Expect hostiles to be in this town (Svaneke). We have been monitoring movements, and it seem the URF come and go here.
Here is the photo of Palton talking to an ONI Agent:
[Image: 20180120191742_1.png]
Good luck.

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