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VTT TRANSCRIPT  25JAN2524 :: T603 <> 5MEU

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[Image: commnetworkbadge.png]

25JAN2524 11:11:59

::> Establishing Connection: [Audio File T603, to all personnel]

::> ...

::> ...

::> Success!

<Transcription Start>

CR: 1st Platoon, This is 3rd Platoon, do you read, over
KM: Send message, 3rd Platoon I read you, over
CR: This is 2nd Lieutenant Carmen Rodriguez, we're getting FUCKED out here!
KM: Wait one, I'll get the Captain, over.
CR: No, listen, I am injured and no one can reach me right now, I need you to... send this to the Captain.
KM: Switching frequency to 30, but go ahead, over.
CR: The situation here is bad. The URF are shelling the hell out of us here, and we've been stuck here since Operation HUSKY, we're running out of food, water, and ammunition. The damn URF just keep sending guys, literally non-stop and we have lost a lot of ground. They're almost at our Forward Operating Site, and we've only got wounded there. They can't defend themselves. They need help. They need YOUR help.
CR: Over.
KM: Listen, i'll try to contact Chiriboga about the situation.
KM: Could you activate your SATCAM to assess the situation? Over.
CR: Of... course.

::> Replaying Satellite Camera.
[Image: 1.jpg]

KM: Umm... I'm experiencing some kind of interference, over.
::> ...
[Image: 2.jpg]
::> ...
[Image: 3.jpg]
::> ...
[Image: 4.jpg]
::> ...
[Image: 5.jpg]
::> ...
[Image: 6.jpg]
::> Done Replaying Satellite Camera..
KM: Lieutenant?
KM: Lieutenant, come in. Over.
<Transcription End>

::> Closing Connection

::> ...

::> ...

::> Success!

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