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New Application  Enlistment Application - Flink, Riley


[Image: enlistmentbanner.png]

Full Name (Last, First): Flink, Riley
D.O.B: 06/24/1998
Timezone: GMT+2:00

UNSCMID (STEAM Encryption, designation): STEAM_1:0:48032578, "The Viking"
Service # (Unformatted): 76561198056330884

Current Enlistments?: No
Prior Enlistments?: Technically, but only for emblem
Service Record:
e.g. Captain, 5th Marine Expeditionary Unit*

Time Commitment: 3-6 Hrs
Why does the applicant feel they would be a good fit in the 5th MEU?: "I am somewhat of a competent player.
I know good military tactics.
I am easy to get a long with.
I can follow orders even when i disagree.
I can fit many roles."
Referral by: Other
Other Notes: I am currently in the US Army. I am an 11B in the 173rd. But i do go on training rotations because of it, so there would be gaps in which i am not on.

Has the following DLCs: Karts,Helicopters,Marksmen,Apex,Jets
Has a working microphone: Yes
Has working headphones: Yes
Has TS3: Yes
Has Discord: Yes

Does the applicant have issues when loading mods or using mods?: No

Application End

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