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VTT TRANSCRIPT  VTT Transcript :: 04OCT2523 :: Col. Ezekiel Railen <> Capt. M. Chiriboga


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04OCT2523 20:51:27

::> Establishing Connection: [Col. Ezekiel Railen (76561-76942-ER) to Capt. Marco Chiriboga (80260-28041-MC)]

::> ...

::> ...

::> Success!

<Transcription Start>

ER: Good evening, Captain.

MC: Good evening, Sir.

ER: Excellent work on Cenobia. Alpha Company and the 17th Squadron showed exceptional bravery. It was a tough situation...

MC: Thank you, Sir. My men did the best they could. There was only so many people we could save, but we did show the Innies what happens when you put our brothers in danger.

ER: That you did. I won't beat around the bush here, Captain; a lot was left behind on Cenobia.

MC: Of course, sir.

ER: ONI has some sensitive materials left on Eastern Altis. Right now we're the only remaining combat unit in the sector, so we've been tasked with recovery. Command has authorised Operation CLOSURE.

MC: And what will this entail?

ER: It'll be too risky to have the Green Widow in orbit, but there are some wet navy vessels that managed to escape detection.

MC: The wet navy is on Cenobia, sir?

ER: Affirmative. There is a vessel close enough to the AO that we can send you down to, the UNSC Freedom.

MC: Do we have locations for these sensitive materials?

ER: The majority of them should be found at the UEG Embassy in Pyrgos. Between you and me, there was an underground research facility located there. It was scuttled before Pyrgos fell, but the extremely important stuff was extracted. Given the results of our evac efforts, it's likely that materials are still floating around down there, and its extremely likely that they are in the wrong hands.

MC: How loud can we be?

ER: We've been advised by command to launch in ten days to allow the situation on the ground to settle. The nuclear device you set off and the disappearance of their battalion officer, without a doubt, created chaos. It would be far too volatile to deploy you now. I would recommend trying to operate with the element of surprise as much as is feasible. An army reconnaissance team is stationed on the UNSC Freedom and will be dispatched to try to obtain as much intel as they can so we can figure out how we're going to take get into Pyrgos.

MC: Why don't we knock, sir?

ER: Very funny. According to the First Lieutenant you rescued from OP Backlash, there wasn't any damage reported to the city's walls. I figure that they'll be reinforcing them. Prioritize collecting Intel on Pyrgos in conjunction with retrieving ONI's toys. 

MC: I hope they don't put one between our eyes for seeing what they're working on, sir.

ER: Mhm. Colonel Railen out.

<Transcription End>

::> Closing Connection

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::> Success!

Connection Closed


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