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SITREP  SITREP :: 09SEPT2523 :: Welcome!

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A message from Capt. Marco Chiriboga, unit commander.

Welcome all to our brand new forums, and our brand new adventure! Now that we have most of our important things in order, we can finally start working like a real proper unit. I'm writing this before I've publicly released the forums, but once I have, we can finally consider recruitment to be open

In regards to our scheduling, the votes are in and the schedule will be as follows:
  • Training will occur weekly on Fridays at 7:30pm EST.
  • Basic and specialized training will be separate from the regular Friday training, and will be on every other Sunday, based on need.
  • Operations will occur weekly on Saturdays at 8:00pm EST.
  • We will be having a bi-weekly unit game night on Sundays at 8:00pm EST, alternating with the Basic/Specialized training mentioned above.
We will be re-working the way each of you are specialized, and you may have to re-qualify for your MOS or choose a new one entirely. In addition to that, our training regiment is different than what we learned in our previous unit, so it will be required that all members, new and old, go through the new basic training at least one time. Of course, if in the future you ever want a refresher course, you are welcome to do it again with any future basic class.

Leaves and Discharges
On the topic of discharges and leaves of absence, you will notice that there are forums dedicated to these things in "The Recruitment Station" section of the forums. PLEASE DO NOT post in there yet, the forms are not set up yet and are of low priority. If you have issues concerning either of those things, please message any of the members of Personnel Command (PERSCOM) as they are listed on the Staff Page.

I've been wanting to cut down the amount of mods we use for a while, and while I eventually want to move away from using a Steam collection to having just one mod file, for now we're sticking to a Steam collection, which you'll find here. Sometimes, there are mods we'll use that are not on the Steam Workshop. For people who are unsure how to install these mods, there will be a tutorial going up very soon.

I'm looking forward to the future with all of you as a unit and a community of friends. All of us can do this right, and I'm certain that we will do this right.

Capt. M. Chiriboga, out.

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