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PRE-BRIEF  Pre-Mission Briefing Mission: Escalation 12/9/2523


[Image: commnetworkbadge.png]


::> Welcome, USER! (Security Level Clearance: One)

::> ACCESS FILE (Pre-Mission Briefing)

::> Accessing File: Pre-Mission Briefing

::> Success!

::> Loading file...

::> Done.

SSgt. F. Fox:  Good evening everyone, I'm sure many of you are on your heels waiting for this.  Not many of our missions had the luxury of a pre-mission briefing, so I hope you enjoy yourselves.  (Note briefing may be subject to change due to new information)

2nd platoon has done a great job locating Innie scumbags to kill, and they've requested us to run some errands for them while they sit in their field hospital in Cherno.  From 2nd platoon and high altitude air recon, we've noticed URF presence has increased dramatically.  We suspect they've set up supply chains across the planet, or even worse; they might be housing a frigate.  Civilian populations have been rounded up from local colonies and are being transported to unidentified cargo freighters, our first objective is to move in and ambush any travelling Innies transporting civilians before they reach these freighters.  Once we eliminate those threats secure the civilians and return them to the main base.  
There are service convoys moving supplies around on the roads, if you see any please feel free to blow them up as our secondary objective.  Our final objective is going to be a tough one, so I hope you all to plan among yourselves for the next 48 hours you have.  We will be assaulting an airbase just south of our FOB.  2nd Platoon was able to identify URF agents transporting a data device, rumor has it this device if activated will reveal the presence of all URF bases across the planet.  That's an extreme advantage we'll receive if we get a hold of it.  The picture below is of the airport, ignore the blank ink.  
[Image: y7lfxTO.png]
There are three AA guns that need to be destroyed before any air assets can get near the area.  There are as of now four watchtowers surrounding the perimeter, with active patrols 500m around the spot.  If they are getting reinforcements it will be coming from the south, (left in picture).  We suspect one of the hangers will house the database, be careful, this is going to be dangerous, plan accordingly.  
We recently located what seems to be construction plant, as of yet we don't know what it's building but URF troops have been moving in and from it.   It also looks as if there is a Hornet in the picture?  It is just south of the airport, and is somewhat guarded.  
[Image: M0vEI5M.png]
Feel free to look over our map, and plan the scenario with your men.  
[Image: y7vTs38.png]

(OOC)  Just letting you guys know we've taken new measures to ensure that from now on missions are tested and approved before an op.  And we also have new login times:  Officer Arrival & Briefing at 7:20, Squad/Element Leader Arrival & Briefing at 7:30, General Pop Arrival & Equipment Check at 7:40, Briefing at 7:50, Start at 8:00.  Also you can thank Martin for our new base extension.


(OOC) I love this briefing, but a little suggestion would be to make the pictures a bit smaller, especially the maps. The stretching makes details harder to see, and town names close to unreadable. Other than that, loved it!


Might have been the forums doing that.

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