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New Specialization: Mortar Man


I think we should train people how to use ACE3 mortars, without artillery computer.
I have seen people attempt to use mortar without the knowledge on how to use it.
We should also include ammo crates for mortars in missions (because there is no other way to get them).
You should show people how to use Range cards, map tools, and the other required things to operate a mortar.
It should be added in a tab like this.

[Image: Captur3e.JPG]


I would appreciate this training option, because it offers something for Air on missions when we can't fly (Like in the Convoy campaign) and a support option for ground to call on instead of asking Zeus for a strike.


Artillery MOS for mortars and maybe the vanilla arty-tank until whenever the OPTRE devs add the Rhino or Kodiak.


Im up for it. This should be a secondary MOS though because i doubt we will be using arty on every op. something like each squad has 2-4 members with training who get put on that duty in a rotation.
OP1 = Hunter gets arty
OP2 = King gets arty
OP3 = Phantom gets arty
OP4 = Hunter gets arty.
Hopefully this makes sure no squad is consitantly under manned. If we have an op where arty isnt needed, we just have whatever sqaud who's turn it is to carry the gun around carry on as normal.


If you’re gonna be rotating mortars, you’re tagging along with Platoon HQ.


IF you guys would like. I have a close friend who does this, I could ask if he could come and speak with those who are wanting to get this working to help with advice and how-to's if yall would like.

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