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UNSC Transmission 02214D-59 5MEU Status

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UNSC Transmission 02214D-69
Encryption Code: Hotel
Public Key: N/A
Subject: 5MEU Status Confirmed
Classification: EYES ONLY


The Prowler picked up that signal I mentioned last time. It is a SOS from the 5MEU. Here's the message:

"Mayday, mayday! This is the 5th Marine Expeditionary Unit, we have crashed on an unknown planet and require immediate extract. Green Widow Destroyed, high casualties!"

To make things even better a long lost UNSC Condor arrived at Verent yesterday. The slipspace drice almost failed but the Condor made it and managed to set down inside was a member of 5MEU, one WO1. Z. Aturr [80075-69466-ZA]. He confirmed that the Green Widow has been destroyed. They've been fighting a small war against URF forces on the planet and a local PMC. He reported that the URF and PMC are at war with each other as well. The full interview has been attached.

He also confirmed that Doctor. S. survived the crash. We can't leave her on the planet, she knows too much to let the URF get their hands on her. We also owe it to the soldiers of the 5th to bring them home.

I strongly advise we send a rescue force immediately Sir. We can't let these men and woman down.

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