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Accepted  Enlistment Application - Whiskey, Schmidt


[Image: enlistmentbanner.png]

Full Name (Last, First): Whiskey, Schmidt
D.O.B: 11/24/2002
Timezone: GMT+10:00

UNSCMID (STEAM Encryption, designation): STEAM_1:1:99897659, "PCT/NFI-Whiskey"
Service # (Unformatted): 76561198160061047

Current Enlistments?: No
Prior Enlistments?: Yes
Service Record:
ASF - Sgt, 2RAR - L.Cprl, 4th Recon Bat - PFC

Time Commitment: 6 - 9 Hrs
Why does the applicant feel they would be a good fit in the 5th MEU?: "I have been in many units before and i believe I can bring a good common sense, teamwork and piloting skill to the 5th MEU. I am also Aussie so some great diversity to the unit. My previous work in units helps me to fit in quite easily and be ready for a serious play style. I have many hours in the game and understand a lot about the game and also how ace and shit work. Finally i was apart of the Australian army cadets so military is pretty familiar to me."
Referral by: Discord,Past/Current Member
Other Notes: I am not your average 15yo, I love to get into the style of being serious. I ride my bike everywhere. I recently built my first computer which was really cool. Andddd i might be moving to England in a year.

Has the following DLCs: Karts,Helicopters,Marksmen,Apex,Jets,Laws of War
Has a working microphone: Yes
Has working headphones: Yes
Has TS3: Yes
Has Discord: Yes

Does the applicant have issues when loading mods or using mods?: No

Application End

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Proceed to the TeamSpeak for an interview.
Welcome to the 5th.


Fully Processed.

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