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Personal Op Report: 6/10/18


While I was only a private I did see some very amazing things this op, that are actually quite rare in arma as a whole and I will format this report on moments I exspierenced broken down one at a time
  1: The Convoy. The convoy was well organised, and the leaders knew what to do in any scenario, which is extremely rare in most arma 3 communities. This could have been put into very productive and fun moments IF the convoy was ever directly attacked, which didnt happen saddly. Maybe thats a good thing, im not sure honestly.

  2: Meeting with the 9th. While that moment went off without a hitch, for some reason the 5th didnt really trust the 9th, which is a really big moral problem maybe? Another one of those things that you might get used to by being in the unit longer?

  3: The compound that was raided with 2 Vics' in front: I feel like everything done was done under neccessary cercomstances. When we appoarched there were two armed Vics which the team I was apart of quickly surrounded and annexed from the neighbering civilians. While we might have done a better job getting the civilians detained, I personally believe that the two who got away, were able to do so under two cercomstances 1, we had no non-lethal takedown equiptment (Might want to add to some kits) and 2, The posed no real threats since they never attempted to enter the armed Vics and were unarmed. Once we were able to ID possible areas the two runaways might have gone, the pursuit was on, but I wasnt there for it, sadly.

  4:Overwatching the town as the main 5th infantry group moved in. While we had a buetiful view on the town, and would have been 100% ready for anything were were crippled through one piece of tech that we should have had, that we didn't: Long range radio. It got to the point that nobody on the hill really knew what was going on and were worried about the main force as they were having trouble responding over short range, even when they were supposed to be able to, so we moved in to assist.

   5: Annexing and controlling the town. This is where this amazing mission, with only a few kinks here and there, descends into absolute chaos. Not only were we devoid of any true, clear objective. The civilian population were completely refuseing to give the 5th room when asked politely, and minged about how we were 'Loonatics' when we attempted to use force of any amount to clear them off the area where say (Yes this is a real example!) A dieing marine was being put under intense care. Not only that, but there were too many exsplosions in the town, wiether they were controlled demo's from the 5th or frantic 'Hide the evidence' attempts from the militia, there shouldn't have been that many exsplosions near peoples homes and work places.(See PS)
  6: De-Breifing. While normally I wouldn't include this as part of the Op, I saw somethings that were kinda wierd and worth mentioning. Firstoff, there were people who were dieing where they stood (And I dont mean leaving), there was gear on the ground, and at the end it just decended into chaos again, BUT there was some gold lining around the hurricane. The PTS system was buetiful and respected deeply!(Beside the whole 'Wrong' Moment when Vaiken was saying who was next)

   PS: The reason why the Marines wouldnt have demo'd those staches in town would have been because they would risk indangering civi's and their place of work. And its REALLY out there to think that the militia would Demo their own exsplosives in their own town, near the own homes(That they got the weaponry to protect in the first place) Otherwise, the Op was amazing and while the players who were RPing civis had thier moments, they were really good at times too! Sorry if I said something that upset you, and if you would like to talk about anything mentioned about to me feel free to PM me anytime im on!


Well for starters, unique approach, never had someone do this.
I'm looking into comment 3 about non-lethals and about comment 4; You had a long range radio with you for a short time, PFC. J. Connor is our platoon RTO and he reports directly to Platoon HQ. He moved off the hill once Hunter had moved away and got Arma'd. Short ranges are wonky with mountains, just how it is in Arma and actual radios. When you don't know what's going on, talk to your squad lead and let him make the decisions on what to do based of his current orders. About comment 6, we never demo'd anything in the town, with exception to the hospital caches, which we cleared as best as possible. The explosions came from whoever planted them at the time, which we now know to be Aturr.

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