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Denied  Enlistment Application - Astora, Solaire

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[Image: enlistmentbanner.png]

Full Name (Last, First): Astora, Solaire
D.O.B: 10/21/1996
Timezone: GMT-4:00

UNSCMID (STEAM Encryption, designation): STEAM_1:1:150366068, "TheEpicbag0chips"
Service # (Unformatted): 76561198260997865

Current Enlistments?: No
Prior Enlistments?: No
Service Record:

Time Commitment: 3-6 Hrs
Why does the applicant feel they would be a good fit in the 5th MEU?: "I feel as if I can boost moral of others around me by my Charismatic nature. Aswell my Friends that Play Arma with me in public servers say that my "rally car esc" driving is something that cannot be beat when we need to get to an objective fast. Im not going to Lie and say that i am a perfect marksmen but I when the cards are all on the table i can pull through some amazing long range shots Via DMR's. Next i would like to say that I very much enjoy Using Aerial Vehicles And have Over 80 IRL recorded Flight Hours. Lastly I would like to say that I can Be reliable to Think things through in firefights even when we are on a time frame basis. "
Referral by: Discord,Other
Other Notes: Im a fan of both the HALO franchise and Dark souls mainly for the community around both.
I work at an amazon fulfillment center so i have a High tolerance to stand with my thumb up my ass and waiting around. I in the process of going through the Columbus police academy so that some day i can help make the work a better place.

Has the following DLCs: Marksmen,Apex,Jets,Laws of War
Has a working microphone: Yes
Has working headphones: Yes
Has TS3: Yes
Has Discord: Yes

Does the applicant have issues when loading mods or using mods?: No

Application End

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Please join us on Teamspeak for an interview!


Application closed, user has dropped contact.

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