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VTT TRANSCRIPT  VTT Transcript :: 12OCT2523 :: SSg. D. Wyatt <> Capt. M. Chiriboga

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[Image: commnetworkbadge.png]

11OCT2523 23:49:13

::> Establishing Connection: [SSg. Daniel Wyatt, (76592-88429-DW) to Capt. Marco Chiriboga (80260-28041-MC)]

::> ...

::> ...

::> Success!

<Transcription Start>

DW: Captain Chiriboga, this is Staff Sergeant Daniel Wyatt. I lead a team of UNSC Army Pathfinders currently stationed on the UNSC Free-

MC: I know, Sergeant. I was told you'd be contacting me.

DW: Well, sir, I have some intel that we've collected for your efforts down here.

MC: Send them over.

::> Incoming attachment!

::> Attempting to open...

::> ...

::> Success!

[Image: UNSCINTELTRANSMISSION_12OCT2523_ID3409639.gif]

MC: What's with the quality?

DW: The Innies have a weak jamming array active. They're working on improving it, and there's a device at this base that'll help 'em do that.

MC: What kind of device?

DW: I don't have the clearance to know too much about the device, but I was informed to tell you that it has a strong but localized radio jammer in it.

MC: They're planning to disassemble it at this base?

DW: No, sir, our operative on the inside says they have plans to transport it to an off-shore oil platform where the Innies fashioned themselves a research facility.

MC: How well fortified is the base?

DW: It's thoroughly stocked. It's not manned like your average guerrilla camp. We've been watching for two weeks and the population here has only grown bigger. It seems that they've deemed this the region's logistical headquarters. 

DW: Every night a convoy comes in from Pyrgos, usually with Prisoners or more things needing transport to their R&D facility.

MC: We'll be outnumbered then?

DW: Most likely. My recommendation would be that you cut the power, which appears to be controlled by the power station on the southern most side.

MC: How about air? What do the air defenses look like around here?

DW: I wouldn't say attacking the base directly with air is a great idea either, there's an airbase to southwest. 

MC: That gives me a good idea, actually...

DW: I'll try to get info on the R&D facility, in the mean time I'll move my surveillance teams out of the area so your men have plenty of breathing room. Good luck, Captain.

MC: Thank you, Sergeant. Captain Chiriboga, out.

<Transcription End>

::> Closing Connection

::> ...

::> ...

::> Success!

Connection Closed


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