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SITREP  SITREP :: 09SEPT2523 :: New Beginnings (Again)

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A message from Capt. Marco Chiriboga, unit commander.

Hello everyone! Before I go on, I just want to clarify that this isn't an announcement of a new unit. No one's spoken out against me... yet. This is actually the announcement of our official charter

What's included?

Well, you'll find most of our rules and our procedures from here on out in this document. This includes things like how trainings will be handled from here on out, how after action reporting will work, how leaves work,
how promotions work, as well as some much needed guidelines for conduct. Here are the major differences from what we normally do:
  • In lieu of a weekly training where it's iffy that everyone can make it, squad leaders will be given access to the training server and Zeus (for legitimate training purposes only) so they can conduct training at times most suitable for the entirety of their squad. This is gone over in  Article 7, section 2 of the charter, and is being implemented in hopes that it will become possible for squads to better develop and for individuals to get more of the training they need in times that work for them. (Edit: We will still be work shopping things and doing training OPS on Fridays, think of this as more of a compliment than a supplement.)

  • Our attendance policy has been defined as 60% for all U.S Based members, and 40% for non-U.S members. "As the charter states, Abiding by this policy ensures all personnel the ability to stay up to date on current events as well as enjoy quality play without going solo." The charter also states that we 100% understand that real life can get in the way and that real life takes priority over game life.

  • That being said, the charter defines how our leave of absence system will be handled, utilizing a forums based system except in the case of a temporary pass, which can be reported to your direct supervisor and will then be brought up through the appropriate chain of command. We won't deny you a leave of absence, but understand that if you are constantly missing than the viability of your membership may be reconsidered.

  • On the  topic of TeamSpeak courtesies, detailed in  Article 8, Section 4, Paragraph 2... I know I've vocalized being weary of implementing such a thing in the past, however it does serve a useful administrative purpose. My best example is if I were to enter a busy channel with an important announcement, and I'm drowned out in the chaos of 10 men talking, how will I effectively make the announcement? In that, I see the use in implementing something like this.

  • Our discipline policy is clearly defined.

  • And so is our complaints procedure.
I don't want to give you everything, it is a document that every member should be familiar with, and that will be shown to all new recruits coming in, but as you can see this promotes a much more forums based system (that's even a requirement for promotions) and makes use of the chain of command.


Those of you with us in September will remember that we took a vote for which way this group was going to lean; relaxed, somewhere in the middle, or realism. We voted for realism, and thus this is my way of implementing more professionalism and striking some of the ambiguity as to what we're about. We are a group founded on being friends first, and I will always maintain that is my goal and that I, as well as other staff members, will always be here for you and our other members, but as we grow bigger we must have a developed system to take the weight, and having seen this system work wonderfully first-hand, I really believe that this is the system for what we aim to be. This is the system that the 17th ODST, our brothers in the Battlenet and one of my big inspirations when designing this unit, uses and they've outlasted all the others.

With their permission, I've adapted this to fit our needs, and all members of PERSCOM have agreed that this system would be good for this community. I implore you to take the time to read it and familiarize yourself with it, as I will be holding all members of the unit, including myself, to the standards set by this charter. If staff members aren't upholding the standards, then report it. If I'm not following the standards, speak out against me- I promise I won't ban you.

You will find much more information about the charter in the document itself, so that's enough out of me.

Thank you everyone for playing with us, and here's hoping that doesn't stop for a long time.

Also don't worry, post-mission dancing isn't banned.

Capt. M. Chiriboga, out.


Hallelujah! We can dance all we want!

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I'm all for realism and full milsim, but roleplay often just kills the mood and whatever fun we might be having.  I think the best I can do there is sarcastically roleplay we'll see

(over dramatization) 
Roleplayer: "My wife was killed by the innies"
Me:"oh man"
Roleplayer: "she was murdered and I'm going to take revenge on those sons of bitches"
Me: "oh man"
Roleplayer: "You think you're tough enough to kill one of them huh?"
Me: "uh"
Roleplayer: "Do you think it's easy to take a life?"
me: fucking hell this is boring
me: "yes"
me: "uh"
me: *shoots roleplayer in the head*
roleplayer: "no dude you got to fucking roll first"
me: *rolls and multiplies stats with a calculator*
me: "Dude I got to use the bathroom brb"


(10-18-2017, 02:18 AM)F. Fox Wrote: (over dramatization) 

The keyword being over dramatization.

"Anything that doesn't detract from the gameplay of others is encouraged. Accidents will happen, so don't feel like you'll get chewed out for forgetting."

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