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SITREP :: 16NOV2017 :: How To Install NEW modpack! (outdated)

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Awesome news everyone, after hours of researching and testing tons of mods, we have finally created a stable custom unit modpack.  Please thank our captain Marco for doing most of the work on actually creating it.  I'm sorry if your favorite mod is not on there, Sgt. Clark and I did test all the mods everyone asked for and weather or not we added it we had to make it with performance in mind.  
Download this modpack AND our new workshop collection, the reason we still have mods on the workshop is because those get updated often.  The whole reason we are doing this is mostly to prevent cheating and exploits, no longer will one person accidentally load the nuke mod before joining our server.  This means the server will be KEYED, so ANY other mod that is not in our list will be blocked, you will have to load Arma 3 with the exact mods everyone else has.  Don't worry we added some really cool stuff.  ShacTac interface is not in the modlist BUT the key for it is allowed so feel free to feel tactical.

Now how to install it:

1.  First make sure ALL your mods are disabled in the Arma 3 launcher

2. Download the modpack here:

2. Extract it and place it into your Arma 3 directory steamapps/common/Arma 3

3. Download the workshop collection which includes all the mods that are not in the modpack here:

4. Open your Arma 3 launcher

5. Enable all the mods from our workshop collection

6. Now load the 5MEU modpack into the launcher and enable it along with the steam workshop mods

[ADDED 07/11/2017] ACE 3 Extension (Animations and Actions) by KokaKolaA3
[ADDED 07/11/2017] ACE 3 Extension (Placeables) by KokaKolaA3
[ADDED 07/11/2017] ASR AI 3 by Robalo_AS
[ADDED 07/11/2017] Advanced Rapelling by duda
[ADDED 07/11/2017] Advanced Urban Rapelling by duda
[ADDED 07/11/2017] Ares Mod - Achilles Expansion by Kex
[ADDED 07/11/2017] BG21 Slaughter Assets by [BG21] El Tyranos
[ADDED 07/11/2017] BackpackOnChest by DerZade
[ADDED 07/11/2017] Blastcore Edited (standalone version) by Paladin
[ADDED 07/11/2017] Eden Objects by Kydoimos
[ADDED 07/11/2017] Enhanced Movement by badbenson (WonkyWilla)
[ADDED 07/11/2017] Enhanced Soundscape by LAxemann
[ADDED 07/11/2017] Enhanced Visuals by badbenson (WonkyWilla)
[ADDED 07/11/2017] FEMAL3 Heads by Zeealex
[ADDED 07/11/2017] Gear Functions by Flax
[ADDED 07/11/2017] Reduced Weapon Sway by Pancake
[ADDED 07/11/2017] SFX Project by ?S???Ig?T
[ADDED 07/11/2017] Spyder Addons by SpyderBlack723
[ADDED 07/11/2017] SurvivableCrashes by rafael09ed
[ADDED 07/11/2017] TAW View Distance by Tonic
[ADDED 07/11/2017] WMO - Walkable Moving Objects by Bloodwyn
[ADDED 07/11/2017] ZEC - Zeus and Eden Templates / Building Compositions by LSD
[ADDED 07/11/2017] [FAZ] 8 digits Coordinates A3 by Rumpelkammerfred
[ADDED 07/11/2017] cTab by TF_Ghost_1_4_1
[ADDED 15/11/2017] FFV for Quadbikes by [TFA] Eagledude4

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